Solved: S21 ultra microphone issue Samsung Community 1676729

Solved: S21 ultra microphone issue Samsung Community 1676729

Only then can you opt for replacing the SIM card. Yes, logically the sim card has nothing to do with the device audio. But having the same audio problem with all my phones is either my bad luck or something that was common with all the devices (which was the sim card & the microSD).

Everytime I try to connect to my home wi-fi is says “connected without internet”. I Reset network settings,, I’ve opened it in safe mode & I still cannot connect. Is my only option to factory reset & 8f so, how do I back up my data? Thanks for getting back to me and thanks for the link. However, I’d already checked out the manual and unfortunately I’ve been unable to find the hole in the tray for the pin to go into. I don’t understand this, as I watched the guy in the EE shop install the sim in the tray by first getting the tray to spring out by using the pin.

More in Windows

To see if that’s the case, check the sound settings as follows. Scroll further down and then ensure that the switch under ‘Allow desktop apps to access your microphone’ is also set to On. Underneath the Audio tab, select the correct microphone that you want it to use. You may want to set the speakers to use the same hardware to prevent potential issues with echoing. As a privacy measure, most major web browsers block microphone access to websites and web apps such as Google Meet by default.

  • It is possible that the program is listening to the wrong recording device.
  • The location will differ between each application, and some apps won’t have the setting at all.
  • Also, make sure that you have plugged your microphone into the right audio jack.
  • So, the first thing you should check is, if the SIM direction is correct.

Many people have experienced this and often wonder what makes their laptop microphone stop working. You will find aRecordingtab at the top of the window. After you click on it, it will display your laptop’s external and internal microphone in the middle section, if any.

Restart your computer and check the microphone level

Click the icon to unmute your microphone. If you are using an external microphone, check for any mute switch on the mic itself. Google Meet generally picks the default device for audio. Hence, issues like the sound of Google Meet not working on the laptop may occur. To fix the issue, you may follow these steps to set the microphone you intend to use for Google Meet as the default and ensure its settings are correct. Google Meet offers multiple options to improve the video calling experience.

lenovo microphone not working on google meet

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